Up your sales game!

John Sterling's coaching systems will help you find your perfect job and help you get up to speed fast on sales 101. Heck, he wrote the book on it!


"Sales For Noobs"

is everything I learned from training hundreds of young sales people just getting started. 

Sales Beginners (We call them Noobs)

A weekly sales basics class.

Includes how to find your first sales job, and will help you learn the basics of sales before you get started.

Business Owners

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John is available on a monthly retainer basis to help improve your overall sales machine.

This book was written primarily as a preparation book before going into sales. Other already in sales, veterans and noobs alike have enjoyed the stories and reminders of things to do and not to do. Business owners have committed that it has helped them refresh what they're looking for in sales. It is a good idea to read the book as a start with working with us, but if you'd rather not, you can skip down to one of our courses below.

The basics class will cover what your perfect job will be, how to qualify for that, and how to reach them. It will cover the top ten things that a new salesperson should know before they show up for their first job. Things like don't talk too much, don't gossip, don't drink at the company party, etc.

Set up a call with john and he will be happy to try to understand the situation where you are, find the gap of where you are and where you want to go, and if he thinks he is able to help you, he will provide custom proposal with expected company results.


Who is John Sterling(#45)?

Sales Trainer

John Sterling is the world’s foremost expert in transforming sales noobs into seasoned pros. As a sales trainer, manager, and serial entrepreneur, John is known for mentoring sales reps with zero business experience so they become high-six- and seven-figure salespeople.

Company Builder

John built software startup DataStream into a publicly traded company that sold to Infor for over $200 million. As Vice President of Sales, John and his team managed acquisitions in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Singapore, and Australia, becoming the biggest technology company in South Carolina. During that time, John hired and trained over 150 sales reps, sixty of whom are now business owners, CEOs, or Sales VPs. Currently, John is owner of and investor in technology companies in the Southern United States and consults with business owners and their sales teams to crush quota.

Outside the business

John captained The Citadel college basketball team, played against Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and played professional basketball in Ireland. After basketball (and Guiness), John began his sales career in Silicon Valley selling computer software (for the man who invented Pong). On weekends, John can be found around Greenville, South Carolina, jazz clubs playing the saxophone.
Noobs that went pro!

Nate Barr, Vice President


Big John has been a great influence in my life, professionally and personally. “Whatever you are, be a great one!” is the message he shared with me fresh from The Citadel, and it’s something that I try to embrace selling for SAP and with my family and friends each day.

Kevin Price, Product Strategist



These are three words that come to mind when I begin to think of John Sterling. I have witnessed his leadership, received his direction, and collaborated with John many, many times over the past 21 years and continue to be astonished by his innate ability to bring about success.

Francois Rizzetto, Senior Account Executive


I had the pleasure to report to John when I started my career in the technology sector 20 years ago. John is an incredibly smart leader, who can synthesize complex problems and offer practical solutions. His attention to detail and laser focus on getting the job done are second to none. John always goes the extra mile and somehow always manages to make the time to be of service to his friends, customers, employees, and shareholders. John has mentored many professionals in his career. His teaching and love for others have had a profound impact on many. He has not only helped shape my career, but he also greatly influenced who I am as a person